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Author’s note: This is a short poem I wrote about a realization of how terrible I am compared to my Savior. I hope this poem makes you stop, think, and get a small glimpse of how great your Savior really is.

“Just the other day, I sang a song that made me think. Jesus was on the cross because of me. He was whipped, made fun of, and a crown of thorns was shoved onto His head; He was made to bleed because of me.

The torment of this reminder is too much to handle on my own, but praise God above, that He handles it for me.

Join me in my singing. I’m a sinner; I’m one of the Redeemed.

I was one that cried, “Crucify!” and pounded holes into my Savior’s wrist. I am the one that yelled, “I don’t know the man!”

So, will you join me in my singing? I’m a sinner; I’m one of the Redeemed.

I am unworthy and never will be enough. Yet, God looked down and chose me. He bore all the pain, grief, and suffering for me!

So, I ask again, will you join me? Are you a sinner? Are you one of the Redeemed?

I am! Come and see what He did for me and what He can and will do for you!”

Alyssa Rasor (and your Heavenly Father)

Hey there! I'm so glad you are here! My name is Alyssa Rasor, and I am passionate about helping you magnify God in every area of your life. I hope you will stick around and marvel with me at how great our God is! Make sure to subscribe and join the fun! Psalm 40:16

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