Miracle Monday (Surrender)

Hello, friends! Welcome back to another Miracle Monday! Today we will be hearing from a woman named Jessica Wyner. Jessica desired to have children for years, but had to learn to surrender her own desires and wait on the Lord’s timing instead of her own first.

If this is your first time reading a Miracle Monday, we always ask three questions:

  1. Was there ever a time in your life when you didn’t believe in miracles? If so, how did this change?
  2. Do you have a story you can share when you knew God caused a miracle in your life?
  3. How did this miracle change your life?

Today (as I already stated above) we will be hearing from Jessica Wyner. Jessica lives in Arizona, is a wife and mother, and is an art teacher for middle school and high school age students. Here is her story (Jeremiah 29:11):

Q. Was there ever a time in your life when you didn’t believe in miracles? If so, how did this change?

A. “I don’t think I have ever thought that miracles can’t happen!”

Q. Is there a story you can share when you knew God caused a miracle in your life?

A. “The miracle in my life is our son, Jedidiah. We spent almost three years praying for a child and that it was part of God’s plan. I always knew I wanted to be a mom.

When my husband and I decided that we wanted to grow our family, it was a joyous time at first, thinking of all the possibilities, the family life we could have, and how we would raise our children.

After the first year of not getting pregnant, it was really discouraging to see other people growing their families. After the second year, I became resentful of God for placing this desire in my heart and leaving me longing for a child.

We saw two different fertility specialists and did many different tests that came back inconclusive. During the third year, we started to explore other options like foster care and a very costly procedure called IVF. During this time, we prayed every single day for God to deliver a child to us. For the months leading up to me getting pregnant, I had felt more patience, humility, and trust in God than I ever had before. I was beginning to accept the life God has for me.

In November of 2019, we wept and prayed in thankfulness as we had found out that I was pregnant. My pregnancy and labor with Jed was normal, healthy, and a wonderful experience of the womanhood God has created.”

Q. How did this miracle change your life?

A. “This miracle changed my life because it was the greatest test of my patience and faithfulness. Many others wait much longer, or will never have the desires of their hearts fulfilled.

In every difficult circumstance since, I remember how the Lord comforted me and nurtured me in my most mournful and darkest moments.”

Wow! What a testimony to the goodness and faithfulness of God! A couple of things we can all take away from this is (1). God does not work on our own timeline. In fact, most of the time, God will take us through a lesson we need to learn before we ever receive the blessing. (2). Surrender is “key” in our relationship with God. Surrender is a spiritual discipline we, as Christians, should cultivate into our every day lives. If we are in Christ, we are not our own anymore. We are living for God’s purposes, not our own. We are His chosen instruments, created to do whatever He wills.

Though surrender is always hard to accept, do, and practice, we need to keep in mind one thing I heard someone say one time, “Submission is your weapon.” Submission to God’s plan for our lives is one thing that brings about God’s peace and joy to our lives, not only for the moment, but for our future as well.

Submission is our weapon because Satan would love for us to always be in constant rebellion against God and His plan for our lives. Satan wants us to be resentful toward God so we can no longer feel His goodness and love for us even though His goodness and love are still there! If we can keep our eyes on Jesus and remember He loves us and is always working for our good, then constant surrender will slowly becomes easier and easier for us to cultivate in our lives.

Alyssa Rasor

Thank you for reading another Miracle Monday! I hope this gave you some encouragement to keep running after Jesus and the plan He has for you life. If you at any time need prayer, feel free to contact us or dm us on IG or FB. We would love to pray for you!

Have a blessed day, and happy Monday! It’s a new week. 😊🌿

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