“Everything you do has a ripple effect.”

downloadMy mom has often said,” Everything you do has a ripple effect.” I believe it is the same when you use drugs. Today I wish to write about how drugs affect the other people around you. We often hear the talk of how they affect ourselves, but not  much talk of how they affect those around you.

I want to start by hearing from someone who was affected deeply by someone who used drugs. Here is her story (Ephesians 4:1-3):

“My mom started doing drugs, well, before I was born. It caused her to be in situations that were compromising and harmful. One of those situations was getting pregnant with me. It caused my mom a lot of pain when she was pregnant and having me because she went threw withdrawal while avoiding drugs while being pregnant. Thankfully, she chose to do that as many addicted to drugs do not. I ended up living with my grandmother because my mother couldn’t stay “clean.” Once again a good decision on her part. Even though I didn’t see my mother doing drugs daily or even see her daily, I saw the effects of drugs in her life, my family’s lives, and mine.

There were many times I would go to my mom’s house and find drugs, or knew she was under the influence. It caused me to lose my trust in her. I never and still do not have a mother/daughter relationship with my mom. She encouraged me to do better. Seeing my mom make poor choices has encouraged me to want to live better. I believe her choices are the reasons I sought to follow Christ. I wanted to know the Lord as my Father but also as my Protector and Savior. I needed something more than what this world had to offer. It’s why I serve the Lord to this day, along with many other reasons. However, my mother’s choices are also ones the Devil uses against me often. I fear to be like her, failing my children like she did for me and my brother. I fear I won’t live up to the standards I put on myself, because of what my biological genes say. These are fears I have to overcome daily, but seek God through them.

As far as other people affected by my mother using drugs, that would be my “Nan,” (her mother) and my brother. My Nan would often give her money when she didn’t have any. She often felt it was her fault that her daughter made theses choices, so she would always take care of her, even though that wasn’t always the best choice. This weighed on me because I would get so upset with my Nan. I would get upset with her for encouraging my mom and her behavior without even knowing it.

My brother is also an addict now. He chose the wrong path just like my mother. That is heartbreaking to me, but a situation I have chosen to not be involved in because of my own family that I have now as a wife and mother.

A lot of good came from God’s grace in my life. Once my Nan passed away, I was adopted because of His grace and provision in my life. I am one of the few that chose not to be a statistic saying I would fail. Instead I sought Christ to overcome what society said I shouldn’t have.

I talk to my mom a couple of times a month now and and maybe a little more. Our relationship has grown, but it will always be damaged because of her choices. That’s a statement I have worked hard to believe. I grew up believing that I could change her, but an addict can’t change unless they want to. Thankfully, she finally wanted to. She wanted to be a part of my daughter’s life and mine. I’m thankful for that answered prayer.”

Wow, this give us all a lot to think about. I think this story is a great example of how everything we do has a “ripple effect.” Because her mother used drugs, it broke their relationship, trust, and much more. Perhaps today you are someone who is thinking of starting drugs or perhaps you are one who is already using them. Please understand this, it doesn’t just affect you, it affects everyone else too (2 Corinthians 5:8-9).

Alyssa Rasor


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