“Glorifying God through the Arts.”

38748288-stock-vector-gold-theatrical-masks-silhouette-representing-theater-comedy-and-drama-isolated-over-black-backgroun (1)I did theater for the first time this past semester. I have to say though, the thought to join this particular theater group (MoezArt) was planted about three years ago. My friend who was already in this theater group, dropped a hint every once in a while that I should join. My reply was always some lame excuse such as I was afraid to perform in front of others or “Tech week” would stress me out (Tech week is when they spend almost a whole week preparing for the shows).

About two years later my mom announced she would be putting me in MoezArt (the theater group) in the coming spring semester. I can’t really explain the feeling I had, other than fear.

Fast forward some more, and my mom said to me, “The more I think about it, the more I feel this wouldn’t be right for you.”  My mom continued on to say I should pray about it and she was ultimately going to let it be between God and me whether I joined MoezArt or not.

One day, I felt God was telling me to join MoezArt. I immediately tried to ignore the feeling or come up with an excuse not to do it. The more I ignored the feeling, the worse it got. It finally got down to the point where I was so afraid I was in tears. I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I knew what God wanted me to do. And so, I joined MoezArt.

Going into this I was:

1. Scared

2. Intimidated

3. Extremely nervous (to the point where I woke up shaking the first day of class!)

4. Excited to see why God was leading me here

Looking back now, I can totally see why God lead me there.  I can also see how it has benefited my life. I’m excited to finish my story with you in another blog….but this is what I want you to get out of this blog:

1. God is always good. (Psalm 13:6)

2. God will never let you down. (Deuteronomy 32:4)

3. Don’t be afraid of God’s plan for your life. (Isaiah 41:10)

4. Where God guides, He provides. (Matthew 6:8)

5. Be prepared to be amazed at how God works. (Psalm 47:2 & Deuteronomy 10:17)


Alyssa Rasor

Hey there! I'm so glad you are here! My name is Alyssa Rasor, and I am passionate about helping you magnify God in every area of your life. I hope you will stick around and marvel with me at how great our God is! Make sure to subscribe and join the fun! Psalm 40:16

2 comments on ““Glorifying God through the Arts.”

  1. Donna Kissel

    Alyssa, you did a great job in theatre. I’d say a natural. I really enjoyed the play.

    Liked by 1 person

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