A Writer’s Mind

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They say write about what hurts. They say bleed when you write. So many thoughts and words echo in my mind. If you are reading this, this is what it’s like in a writer’s mind (at least for me).

If I could describe what’s in a writer’s mind I believe that would take all of our life times. I hope to one day capture this in my writing, but for now this is how I would describe it: Words. Millions and millions of words all jumbled up and needing a place on paper. These words come in bursts and sometimes slowly to create a universe for someone to enter into, whether for themselves or the readers. 

The readers are also often on the mind of the writer. The main question he always asks is, “How can I get my reader to forget about reality and the world they are currently living in?” This question is often roaming around in my brain. I think when a writer is successful at answering his own questions, that is when magic is born and created.

This may seem odd and intriguing to a mind that is not consumed with words, but every word above is true. Those words have often made me feel like crying and screaming because I have no idea how to write them all down. They beg me to let them come out, but somehow, once in a while, they get stuck. The feeling and the awe are there, but it almost seems as if the mind itself cannot comprehend what it is saying.

And so, I sit here writing what is in my mind, running around in circles, waiting to be released (Psalm 107:1-2).

-Alyssa Rasor

Hey there! I'm so glad you are here! My name is Alyssa Rasor, and I am passionate about helping you magnify God in every area of your life. I hope you will stick around and marvel with me at how great our God is! Make sure to subscribe and join the fun! Psalm 40:16

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