God is Speaking (Miracle Mondays)

Hello everyone and welcome back to another M.M. Today you will be hearing from a special person in my life (Psalm 52:9).

If this is your first time reading a Miracle Monday, we always ask three questions:

  1. Was there ever a time in your life when you didn’t believe in miracles? If so, how did that change?
  2. Do you have a story you can share when you knew God caused a miracle in your life?
  3. How did this miracle change your life?

Here is what my special friend had to say (Nahum 1:7):

Q. Was there ever a time in your life when you didn’t believe in miracles? If so, how did that change?

A. “I was raised in a Christian home, so there was never really a time I did not believe in the miracles recorded in the Bible. For most of my youth, however, I believed that God did not do miracles today in our lifetime. I was taught from the perspective that said divine miracles just didn’t happen anymore. Even the Bible was used to attempt to support this view.

As I got older and studied, I began to reject this perspective for many reasons. One, this view seemed to be be Deistic-the idea that God created the universe but then did not have anything to do with it anymore. Second, the interpretation given of certain passages to support that miracles had ceased was no longer convincing to me. After going to seminary, learning Greek, and the method of Biblical interpretation, I concluded that these Bible verses could not be understood to mean miracles do not happen. Finally, speaking with missionaries who told stories of miraculous healings taking place on the mission field seemed convincing. I could no longer accept the idea that God does not perform miracles any more.”

Q. Do you have a story you can share when you know God caused a miracle in your life?

A. “I personally do not recall a time when God worked a miracle in my life. I understand a miracle to mean that God heals immediately and does something that would not otherwise occur naturally.

This does not mean, however, that I have never seen God work in my life. I have seen (and even heard) God work in my life! There have been numerous situations in which I know God did something or talked to me.

One circumstance was a few years ago when I experienced an onset of anxiety attacks/disorder. It was a very psychologically and emotionally painful time in my life. I know He was working then to break me and bring me to Him in a more intimate relationship. There was even a time during that season of my life when I distinctly heard Him talk to me.”

Q. How did this story change your life?

A. “Although the event I just described was not miraculous per se, it has radically changed my life. My relationship with God is much stronger. I have felt His presence and His reality in a way I could never put into words. God used and continues to use my anxiety for His glory and to mold and shape me to be more like Christ!”

I feel like I always write “wow,” but wow! What an amazing reminder that even when we may not feel like God is working in our lives, He is! God is always taking the bad circumstances in our lives and using it for our good and ultimately for His glory (Psalm 16:2).

Thank you to my special friend for answering these questions! You are the best (Genesis 50:19-20).

Alyssa Rasor

Hey there! I'm so glad you are here! My name is Alyssa Rasor, and I am passionate about helping you magnify God in every area of your life. I hope you will stick around and marvel with me at how great our God is! Make sure to subscribe and join the fun! Psalm 40:16

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