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Targaryen and the Angel

Author’s note: Today I wanted to post something a little bit different. I will continue on with the story of Eileen next week. I wanted to post this little short story today because I believe God brought this writing into being. I hope you enjoy the story of Targaryen and the Angel (1 Timothy 6:11-16).

Hint: Targaryen (pronounced “Tare-gare-en”) means fire and blood.

There once was a demon named Targaryen that walked along Heaven’s wall. There he approached an Angel and declared, “You there, sir! Why do you stand, wait, and watch as if evil could suddenly besiege you? For you know all Heaven is safe as long as your God rules.”

The Angel replied without hesitation, “It is as simple as this, dear Demon. It is because my Almighty God has told me to stand watch so that when the days of evil come, we may be able to stand our ground.”

Targaryen scoffed and then let out a laugh, “There is no evil! All Heaven is secure! So tell me, Angel, is there a reason now?”

The Angel remained steady and spoke these simple words, “You forget my one and only command to which I follow: I obey the King of Kings and Lord of the Lords. I don’t have to know why in which I stand here keeping watch. I only know this one thing: God rewards those who obey without delay!”

By now Targaryen was angry and ready to argue, when suddenly an idea came to him. “Pardon me, one more time, Angel, but may I ask one more question?” Without waiting for a response, Targaryen continued on, “I would just like to ask: how do you really know evil will ever come? Perhaps my lord Lucifer has decided to surrender and accept the fact that he will soon be defeated. Perhaps my lord Lucifer has decided to return to Hell.”

The Angel didn’t flinch or move, his eyes remained on the horizon, and his face was ever somber.

The Angel replied, “If you think you will get me to doubt my God and the only true God, then you are greatly mistaken and deceived by your own thinking. You say you have a lord Lucifer, but I for one know this to be certain: Lucifer is the father of lies, therefore I will not be caught into the luring of your trap! For your tongue is an open grave, a snare, a fire that can not be put out. So hear this, Demon, I believe the truth: the truth that God never gives us commands that don’t have a purpose. He never says to do one thing and then later changes His mind. My God and your God, whether you accept Him or not, is a God of promises. God, the Majesty of Heaven, Creator of the galaxies and heavenly bodies, and Creator of time itself, has promised me He will remain faithful.

So, I tell you, Demon, follower of the father of lies, if my God can remain faithful to someone like me, then I must remain faithful to Him. May His name be forever praised and may His love and faithfulness be remembered throughout all generations!”

Targaryen by now was looking upon the Angel with scorn and loathing. Targaryen, being so lost in darkness, couldn’t help but feel sorry for the Angel who would never know “freedom.”

“What shall I say back to you, Angel? Should I say ‘Well done! You know your God well!’? Or should I go on to use my ‘open grave’ to deceive you longer? No, I shall return to Hell and tell lord Lucifer that Heaven is guarded well!”

“Go then, Demon. Be on your way! Go and tell your lord Lucifer that I shall be keeping watch!”

Alyssa Rasor (2 Timothy 2:11-13)

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