Magnified Writings

Chapter 5- A Place To Belong

2 Timothy 2:25-26

Eileen stood up and hurried over to where her mom stood. “I thought you didn’t believe me!”

Her mother smiled. “I never said I didn’t believe you. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a dream. I couldn’t believe that my own daughter had seen the King too!”

Eileen and her mother hugged and for a moment Eileen didn’t see her mom as her mom, but as a friend; someone who understood.

“I am so glad you have returned, Jane,” the King said warmly. “I believe it is time to tell little Eileen your story.” The King gestured toward the couch and they all settled in once more. This time Eileen sat between her Mother and Joseph.

“Well,” her mother began, “I don’t know quite what to say, other than the truth.” Eileen’s mother turned herself towards Eileen and began to speak, “When I was just a girl like you Eileen, believe it or not, but I myself longed for a place to belong too. I tried to be cool and popular. I played with and did everything everyone else wanted to do. I even changed my entire wardrobe one summer to match the way the most popular girl in my grade dressed!

Then one day my best friend Andrea invited me to a wonderful place called church. I went one time and knew I could never not go again. I began to study with a few other girls there and then when I was ready, I received salvation for the forgiveness of my sins.

I was so excited and on fire for the King that I could barely contain my joy! I had finally found what was missing in my life, a place to belong. The King gives us all place to belong, Eileen. You don’t have to settle for the things of this world that can’t ultimately satisfy you.

You were designed for something much more, Eileen, just as I know you are now discovering.”

Eileen’s mother glanced up at the King. “How’d I do?” she asked.

The King smiled. “You told your story, and now it must take root. I shall water it and it shall grow. You have done well with the seed I have given you. One day soon she shall blossom into a woman of valor. You have done well, my princess.”

Tears brimmed in Eileen’s mother’s eyes. The King stood and the two embraced.

“You have no idea how long I have waited to hear those words. Thank you,” she whispered.

Eileen was turning her mother’s words over and over again in her mind. If Joseph, Gideon, and her mother had all found a place to belong in serving and living for the King, maybe she could too.

Eileen cleared her throat, “So, you all found a place to belong with the King?”

All of the men and Eileen’s mom nodded their heads.

“Then I must do the same,” the little girl declared.

The King seemed to glow with delight. His joy seemed to fill up the entire room. “You have no idea how joyous that makes me, Eileen, but first we have something we must do before you return to bed tonight.”

“Goodness! I forgot about Hank! He is at home probably wondering where I have gone! I am so sorry to have to cut this short.” Eileen’s mother got up and walked towards the door and then quickly turned around. “Thank you again, my King.”

The King nodded His head towards her and as she left, He whispered in a low voice, “I love you.”

To be continued…(1 Peter 5:8-10 and 2 Timothy 2:25-26)

Alyssa Rasor (and your Heavenly Father)

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