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Chapter 6- The Battle Within

Author’s note: “Tetelestai” means “It is finished” in Hebrew (Philippians 1:6).

Eileen looked up at the King’s face.

“Are you ready?” the King asked.

“I am not sure what I should be ready for.”

The King smiled at her thoughtfulness. “That is a good point you bring up, Eileen. I want you to be ready for the significant change that is about to happen.”

The other men in the room seemed to be filled with excitement, as if knowing what was to happen next to Eileen.

Even though Eileen was still confused about what the future held, she knew what her answer had to be. She got up and knelt before the King and said, “May Your word to me be fulfilled as You have said.”

“It shall be. Are you ready to begin?” the King asked motioning toward the door.

“Yes,” Eileen answered simply.

The King and Eileen began to walk out the door when Eileen suddenly remembered the men who remained seated in their spots. She turned around and smiled with appreciation. “Thank you all so very much for coming to talk with me today! You have no idea how much you have helped me.”

The King led Eileen out of the library and into a small workshop. The sign outside the workshop read, “Tetelestai Workshop.”

The two walked into the workshop and Eileen’s heart began to beat faster. For against one wall there was a big brown workbench. On the wall, behind the bench, there were hundreds of different tools. There were wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, and many other tools she didn’t know the names of. In the middle of it all, there was a giant golden sword. Underneath the sword was the title, “Sword of Victory.” On the brown desk, there was a potter’s wheel, with a grey clump of clay on top.

“What is this place?” Eileen asked.

The King had been attending His desk and now He turned around to answer. “This is where I align the hearts of men with my truth. This is where I call my children to walk in the light of truth and grace. This is where I declare the victory over my sons and daughters.”

At the word of victory, Eileen thought she saw the sword on the wall vibrate and glow.

Though the King had always had a joyful aura about Him, He now held Himself with seriousness, as if this was a matter of life and death. Soon Eileen would come to realize that that was exactly what the matter was between.

“Eileen, I want you to listen closely to me. This process, what I am about to do, will only work if you let me.”

“I understand.”

“If you even resist, even the tiniest bit, my work will not be completed.” The King’s eyes shone with deep sincerity and love, making Eileen’s heart pound all the more.

Then the King instructed Eileen to stand in the middle of the room. Eileen followed His instructions, not sure of what was coming next.

The King rolled up His sleeves and picked up the “Sword of Victory.” The sword was mighty and magnificent in every way.

Eileen steadied her breathing as the King approached her. “What are you doing?” asked Eileen.

“Do not fear, Eileen. It is time for the Word of life to overcome the darkness that clings to you! It is time for you to let me seal my mark on you. I can not begin my work unless you will it. Do you trust me to work in you?”

Though the question was simple, it had the weight of ten thousand pounds. Though Eileen was unsure of what to say, she felt as if in her heart she had always known the answer.

“You are the One my heart has been waiting for. You are the King in which I have been looking to serve. You are my Friend and now you must be my Refiner, my Rescuer.”

Suddenly a strong wind began to blow and light started radiating from the King. The light was so bright Eileen had to close her eyes.

The King took His sword and began to strike Eileen. Instead of the sword injuring the girl, it went right through her as if she was in a dream. The King continued to strike the girl and as He did, He continuously declared His truth over His daughter.

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made!” Strike.

“You are chosen, set apart, redeemed, and forgiven.” Strike.

“You are set free, a new creation, my vessel, and my instrument!” Strike.

“You are my heir, my co-worker, and my daughter. You are my princess, my handiwork, and you were created to do good things.” Strike.

“You are my blessed daughter and crowned with dignity and grace. You have been given the gift of love and insight.” Strike.

“You are heaven-bound, a friend of mine, and cherished. You are loved, guarded, shielded, and have become the righteouness of God.” Strike.

“You have purpose.” Strike.

Eileen was in tears and could feel the sword “penetrating flesh and bone.” Her heart felt like it could burst into song and agony all at once. She could feel the darkness losing the battle within her. She could feel the overwhelming love the King held for her. Eileen was in awe.

The King was breathing hard and Eileen could tell He was in a battle for her soul. The King continued to penetrate her soul and the sword never missing its mark.

“I know your work is here, Lucifer!” The King cried out. “I see the fear that so tightly holds on to her life. Your work is done! It is finished. You no longer have the victory in her life.”

The King drew back His sword and thrust the sword so strongly into the small girl, Eileen thought she was about to be swept off her feet.

“For I am her Savior, God, and King. I am her LORD, Yahweh, and the Great I AM. I am her comfort, her joy, and peace! I am her everlasting Father, Counselor, and Messiah, and Creator. I am her Alpha and Omega. I am her security, strength, and confidence. I make her paths straight, I refresh her soul, and I have made her new.

I began her days and I will end them! I hold her life in MY hands, because I am her God and she is mine! Eileen belongs to me. It…is…finished!”

The King drew his sword back for one last and final strike. The King thrust His sword into the heart of the small child. Eileen screamed and then all went silent.

To be continued…(Hebrews 4:12-13)

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