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All Who Seek: Epilogue

Hebrews 11:6- Look it up!

Sixty Years Later…

The old mini van made a racket as it came down the road and up the driveway. The van came to a stop and soon a small voiced yelled out, “Grandma E!”

The little girl ran up the porch steps and embraced the elder lady.

“Hello, Sweetie!” Grandma E said.

“I have missed you, Grandma!” the little girl said with a slight giggle.

By now the young girl’s mom was approaching with the girl’s overnight bags. “She has been talking about this visit all week,” the mom said with a smile.

“Well, so have I! I have been busy getting your bed ready, preparing food, and preparing fun activities for us to do, too!” Grandma E said with a wink.

“You’re the best grandma ever! I even have a special story for us tonight,” the girl said with excitement.

“Do you? Well I am sure I can find one to tell you too.”

“You always make her feel so loved and special when she is here, Mom. Thank you.”

The two said goodbye to the little girl’s mom and walked hand in hand into the old farmhouse. After a picnic dinner under the oak tree and a funny movie, the two snuggled together under the covers of Grandma E’s bed to tell stories.

“What story do you wish to hear tonight?” Grandma E asked.

“No, Grandma, I want to go first tonight.”

“Alright, I know you have been wanting to tell me this story, so go ahead. I am all ears.”

The little girl cleared her throat and then her eyes shone with a deep sense of seriousness.

“The story I am about to tell actually happened. This story is a special story because it involves a King and a princess.”

“Oh, those are the best kind,” Grandma E said with a smile.

“Shh! Wait until I am finished, Grandma.”

“I am sorry. Please, continue.”

“This princess, however, did not know she was a princess until one special night, which happened to be the night of the princess’ birthday! The princess had spent the whole day partying and having fun, but now it was time for bed. As the princess sat reading in her room, the princess happened to look up outside her window and what she saw almost made her wonder if she was going nuts! Before the princess stood a huge, golden ladder!”

Grandma E’s heart began to beat faster and her eyes grew wide at the mention of the golden ladder. Her ears were now attentive to every word the little girl said.

“With great curiosity, the princess decided to climb the ladder. The ladder, she would soon realize, led all the way up to heaven! There the princess met the King of all Kings, her Creator and Friend.”

The old lady’s heart was now filled with glee as she listened to how the King of Kings changed the princess’ heart and made her new and clean.

“And so, the princess once again made the long journey back down the ladder and lived happily ever after- or so she hopes.” The little girl cocked her head to the side and gave a slight laugh.

“Who is that princess, Eileen?” Grandma E asked.

“It is me, Grandma. I have seen the King.”

Grandma E’s eyes almost filled with tears at the memory of her own trek and journey up the ladder.

“Have you seen Him, Grandma?” Eileen asked.

Grandma smiled. “I have. Though it has been quite some time, but I can still feel His warm hugs and smiles. Because once you get a glimpse of the King, you never are the same again.

I will never forget what He told me- that I belong to Him. He won the battle for me and He has done the same for you, Eileen.”

The two sat in silence and then Eileen snuggled closer to her grandma. “Grandma, has anyone else seen the King?”

“Yes, yes they have. My mother and your mother both have seen the King.”

“Mom?! Mom has seen the King?” the little girl asked with amazement.

“You bet she has. She has just never known how to tell you.”


The two sat in silence again, but this time thinking about the King and all He had done for them.

“Grandma?” Eileen asked, her voice breaking the silence.


“I want to hear why I was named after you. Why was I named Eileen?”

Grandma E smiled. “Yes, I think it is about time for you to know why your mom and dad named you Eileen.

Did you know that Eileen means ‘bright and shining one?'”

Alyssa Rasor (and your Heavenly Father)

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