My COVID Story- Part 2

Hey, friends! Here is part 2 of my COVID journey (rather God’s amazing miracle story). If you haven’t yet, check out Part 1 for the beginning of the story. Enjoy all, and to God be the glory (Esther 4:14)!


The week coming was tech week (a week in which the cast and crew prepare for the upcoming shows), and I had no idea what to think/feel. I was struggling between the two thoughts of “What if God heals me?” and “What if He doesn’t heal me?” Part of me wanted to be healed (as we were all praying for my health like crazy), and the other part of me would have been relieved not to perform. I was also struggling with the idea of going back to normal life. I had loved the week of no responsibilities and didn’t want to come back to the real world.

Earlier that fall I had been a part of an online conference, where a lady told her own story of having to choose life even when she didn’t want to. This is exactly what I had to make myself do. I remember being in the shower and thinking/telling God that I chose life. I chose to live and to believe that if God did heal me, it would be all for Him.

Monday (the next day) rolls around and I am feeling my best yet! I feel basically back to my normal self, except for my fatigue, cough, stomach issues, and brain fog.

By Monday night (day 10 for me), my mom informed me that in the morning I would be taking another COVID test, to see if I would test negative. If I did test negative, I could go to rehearsal!

However, my mom was worried. She had heard from my aunt that people can get false positives for up to three months after having COVID. So in desperation, she went ahead and scheduled an appointment at a CVS/Walgreens to get a more quality test done. I was nervous. I was praying I didn’t have to have that kind of test done.

Tuesday morning came, and my mom gave me the test (isn’t she wonderful?!). We left it in the bathroom, and left God to work. At this point I had people all over the country praying for me. They were praying for a negative test and for my energy to return. 15 minutes go by, and the next thing I know my mom is at my bedroom door in tears. The first thing I blurted out was, “Is it negative?” Indeed it was! My test was negative!

I was so surprised, and yet half- expecting my God to do a miracle. My theatre group and friends abroad were all overjoyed! Our God had come through yet again. Just as God had come through for Moses, Gideon, and Elijah, my God had come through for me!

If you are one of the ones that prayed, thank you! A million times over, thank you! I could never, ever thank you enough. I could have never survived COVID without you.

The most amazing part is that this is only where the story begins.

To be continued….(Psalm 34)

Alyssa Rasor (and your Heavenly Father)

2 comments on “My COVID Story- Part 2

  1. Leah Rasor

    It’s funny that I know you were healed in time for the show, but reading this makes me relive that day. Reading this blog makes me feel excited for you all over again!

    Liked by 1 person

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