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Chapter 1 -All Who Seek

Author’s note: One day as I was scrolling through Pinterest, I saw a post posing this question, “Why can’t heaven have visiting hours?” That planted the idea in my head of, “What if people could visit heaven?” That, my friend, is where this story begins. It begins with the faith and hope of a little girl named Eileen.

Eileen was only five years of age and was a very bright girl. At church she was the one always asking questions none of the teachers had answers to. Eileen would ask questions such as, “Who did Cain marry?” and “What does the Bible say about how much time it took for God to create the universe?”

Her teachers were often amazed at her questions and most of the time they didn’t have answers for her. In all of Eileen’s frustration, she would pour it all out in prayer. She would tell her Heavenly Father everything. She would tell Him how she didn’t like being different from other children her age and why she didn’t understand why people hardly ever had any answers for her.

One night in such disgust and sadness, she began to cry. As the tears slid down her face, she looked up at the moon outside her window. The view that met her eyes almost made the little girl think she was going crazy! For right in front of her eyes was a long ladder reaching all the way up to the moon and back down to earth again.

Out of such wonder, Eileen walked out of her bedroom and began to walk down the street towards the ladder. When she reached the ladder, she only then realized just how small she was in comparison to it. She looked up at the golden ladder and back down to the ground again. It was then she realized there was a sign right beside her. Hardly being able to read, Eileen barley made out what it said:

“All who seek will find.”

Eileen remembered that verse from church the Sunday before, when her teacher had taught on the subject. Knowing the ladder must lead to somewhere extraordinary, Eileen began to climb.

Eileen climbed and climbed until she thought she would never reach the end. Her legs ached and her hands were starting to get blisters when she noticed another sign in the air on her right. The sign only read: “He will give strength to the weary.”

The words sparked in the young child a determination to keep going until she reached the end. Eileen finally arrived at the top and there before her stood a gate. The gate was made of ivory and white marble. It was outlined in gold and it simply filled Eileen with awe.

Eileen walked up to the gate and on the other side she could see a village. The village seemed quite but happy. People seemed to be closing up their shops for the day. Occasionally they would wave or say a good word to each other.

How delightful the village looked! Eileen was also beginning to smell something wonderful making her stomach rumble.

“Are you hungry, child?” came a voice from behind.

Eileen turned around and looked at the man to which the voice belonged. The man was a big man with clothes so white, Eileen had to squint to look at Him.

Eileen cocked her head to the side as all children do when they are trying to decide upon something. Eileen was indeed trying to decide if she had seen this man before; he looked so familiar!

“Who are you?” the girl asked.

“I think you already know. Why else would you climb all the way up here?” the man said in a gentle voice.

He was indeed right in saying Eileen already knew who He was. For Eileen had already figured out He was the Ruler of this place-He was the King.

The little girl could no longer contain her joy. Eileen ran to Him and threw herself into His warm embrace. When she did, it seemed as though all life problems melted away-as if suddenly everything was all as it should be.

“I am glad you found the ladder and decided to come visit me tonight.”

Eileen smiled. “As am I. I can’t believe I am seeing you face to face!”

Eileen walked over to the gate. “May I go in?” she asked.

The King walked over and put His hand on the girl’s shoulder. “You can not just yet. The Kingdom or what you like to call “the village” is there to explore for those who no longer have the gift and joy of living on earth.”

Eileen frowned making her age evident. “Why not?” she asked.

“You have been given the gift of life. Right now, my desire is for you to live on earth, not in the village, my little friend. How I wish you could see all that Heaven has to offer! If you do believe that I know what is best for you, you must trust me in this matter.”

Eileen cocked her head to the side and then nodded.

“May I ask another question?”

“Of course!” the King said with a smile.

“Were you expecting me to come tonight?”

The King gave a laugh. “I put down the ladder every night waiting for those who seek. Now, tell me, Eileen, what do you seek?”

Eileen sat down outside the gate and began to think. The King joined her and together they sat in silence.

To be continued…

Alyssa Rasor (Matthew 7:7-8)

Hey there! I'm so glad you are here! My name is Alyssa Rasor, and I am passionate about helping you magnify God in every area of your life. I hope you will stick around and marvel with me at how great our God is! Make sure to subscribe and join the fun! Psalm 40:16

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