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Chapter 2 -What She Seeks

The morning light shone into Eileen’s room making it bright and friendly. The young child awoke and sat up in bed. It was in that moment she remembered last night’s event. She had seen the King!

The King had asked her what she sought. She had sat there next to the gate for some time when the King said it was time for her to go back home. Disappointed that she hadn’t come up with an answer, the King assured her that He puts down the ladder every night and that she would have another chance to come back again with her answer.

Now, as Eileen sat in her bed, she was filled with great excitement and wanted to tell the world what she had experienced! She ran down the stairs into the kitchen where her mother was preparing breakfast. The smell of bacon and waffles filled the air making Eileen very hungry.

“Good morning, Sweetheart! How did you sleep?” her mother asked.

“Just fine. Mom, guess what happened to me last night?” Eileen asked.

“What?” Her mother responded while flipping waffles over.

“I climbed a ladder all the way up to the sky! When I reached the top, I saw the King!” Eileen exclaimed.

“What King? Are you sure that wasn’t a dream?” her mother asked.

“No, it was real! I hugged the King and I even talked with Him.” Eileen said sitting down at the table. Her mother brought over her food and Eileen began to eat.

“I see. Well, hurry and eat. Today is a church day.” Her mother left the kitchen to get ready.

Eileen didn’t care what her mom thought. She knew it was real and soon she would find out what she sought.

All day Sunday Eileen thought and thought about what she sought, but every answer she came up with didn’t seem to be it.

The next day, as Eileen sat outside at recess, she observed that she hadn’t made any friends throughout the entire school semester. It was the second to last day before winter vacation and she had yet to make a friend.

Eileen looked at all the young boys and girls; she looked around to see if any of them were eligible to be her friend. Most of the young girls were busy swinging or standing by the swings talking. The boys were all on the jungle gym, sliding, or rough housing by the slide. None of them seemed to notice little Eileen sitting alone on the seesaw.

Then it suddenly dawned on the little girl what she sought. Eileen smiled because she had an answer for the King.

That night Eileen anxiously awaited for the King to lower the ladder. At twelve on the dot, it lowered. The girl took off running out of her house and towards the ladder. When she reached it, she began to climb.

When she arrived at the top, there stood the same gate that had been there the night before.

“I was hoping you would return tonight,” the King said with a smile. Eileen quickly turned around and ran to the King.

“I know what I seek!” the young girl said pulling away from His embrace.

“Tell me, dear one, what do you seek?”

Eileen took a breath and said, “I seek a place to belong.”

To be continued…

Alyssa Rasor (Hebrews 11:6)

Hey there! I'm so glad you are here! My name is Alyssa Rasor, and I am passionate about helping you magnify God in every area of your life. I hope you will stick around and marvel with me at how great our God is! Make sure to subscribe and join the fun! Psalm 40:16

3 comments on “Chapter 2 -What She Seeks

  1. Leah Rasor

    Ah! So beautiful!

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  2. Marilyn Binkley

    Wow!! What a great story.I certainly am anxious to read the rest.

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